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“ To understand how consumers really think and feel, it is vital to go beyond words. " -Katja Bressette


“ Social media/data alone will not give you answers. But it will give better questions ” -Tom Webster

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  • Our Usability Lab
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    March 22

    Why Market Research is Like Drilling for Oil

    Problem analysis as a crucial element in market research studies.

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    March 9

    Rules of Engagement: How Should Brands Speak to Women in 2018?

    Understanding the rules of engagement when brands enter the gender equality arena…

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    February 21

    The Bottom Line from the 2018 QRCA Annual Conference

    Summary of the 2018 QRCA Annual Conference on qualitative research & emerging trends…

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    February 14

    Reinventing Research: An Interview with Dave Sackman

    Find out what one of the industry's leaders view for the future holds in this interview.

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