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“ Social media/data alone will not give you answers. But it will give better questions ” -Tom Webster


“ To understand how consumers really think and feel, it is vital to go beyond words. " -Katja Bressette

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    August 17

    #MRX Top 10: The Rise of the Amateur, of AI, and the Death of Expertise

    Get up to date on what's trending in #MRX with this round up by Jeffrey Henning.

    Source: GreenBook
    August 16

    What’s Hot on Collaborata

    Welcome to our next post featuring two projects now offered on Collaborata. GreenBook is happy to support a pl…

    Source: GreenBook
    August 10

    Introducing Savio: A Marketplace for the Insights Industry

    In response to trends in marketing research as well as in the broader economy, GreenBook has been working to c…

    Source: GreenBook
    August 9

    Visionary: ESOMAR Congress at 70

    ESOMAR celebrates 70 years by reflecting on the past and looking to the future of insights.

    Source: GreenBook