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“ To understand how consumers really think and feel, it is vital to go beyond words. " -Katja Bressette


“ Social media/data alone will not give you answers. But it will give better questions ” -Tom Webster

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    April 9

    The Power of Actionable Analytics: ​Where is the Value in Real World Data?​

    Three case studies using data analytics to predict, identify and intervene in healthcare research…

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    April 5

    When Worlds Collide

    Breakdown of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica controversy & why the MR industry needs a new framework for…

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    March 29

    Facebook and Cambridge Analytica – A Turning Point in Data Collection?

    Industries that rely on data collection must enact policies to regain public trust…

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    March 26

    How Can We Bring Back the Edge in Market Research and Insights in a World of Turmoil?

    Create an edge in MR by Envisioning, Digesting, Gluing and Earning…

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