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“ Social media/data alone will not give you answers. But it will give better questions ” -Tom Webster


“ To understand how consumers really think and feel, it is vital to go beyond words. " -Katja Bressette

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    September 21

    Personal Data: The Ultimate Commodity?

    Personal data has been described as the “new oil” that will drive the economy of tomorrow, but it’s curr…

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    September 20

    Purpose Built Innovation: Aligning Product to Need

    Most innovation efforts start with trying to solve a problem and tend to focus on increasing efficiency or eff…

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    September 19

    Machine Learning Bolsters Market Research

    From big data to predictive answers and targeting, machine learning technology is changing the market research…

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    September 18

    The Next Sea Change in Marketing is Coming Fast. Are You Ready?

    Spearheaded by the growth of Amazon, retailers are becoming a mix of retailer, publisher, and ad networks effe…

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